Who are we ?

I am,
Rémy Grenet

I am passionate about discovering real local wines. Those who transport you and remind you of a pleasant moment.

A wine-waiter and wine-grower by trade, biodynamic agriculture helped me refocus and reminded me of the importance, very urgency of reconnecting with this subtle world we call life!

I like drinking and eating when the products are living, nourishing, and offer you flavours!
I travel and go through a story with every sip.

I admire these wine-growers who shape these precious nectars where the vines are born and grow on their own terroir; natural and unique places without pesticide and wine-making artifice.

Today, with Subtil, it is with happiness and conviction that I can share with anyone who wants me to my love of living wines.

This imperative can only take root in one grounding principle: Respect for our customers and ourselves.

I thank György Gábor Kovács for the creation of my caricature.
I am happy to have found meaning in my craft again and to give back a name and an image to what in bygone days was the greatness of the Appellations d’Origine!! Rémy Grenet

The logistics
at Subtil?

Purchasing directly from harvesting wine-growers is a very important point for preserving the quality of the wines and for reducing the environmental impact.

This is why all our wines leave directly from the vineyard, in order to avoid breakage and over-handling of the bottles.

Our commitments
in favor of sustainable development

Save our naturals resources

Protect biodiversity

Zero phytosanitarys products

Produce healthy and lively wines

Promote short circuits