Who are we ?

I am,
Rémy Grenet

I met Alexandre Cordier 15 years ago, and we’ve since become friends.
We share the same passion. To set off in discovery of true, authentic-tasting terroir wines that nourish the human heart and mind.

Personally, I consider myself fortunate.
A wine-waiter and wine-grower by trade, biodynamic agriculture helped me refocus and reminded me of the importance and urgency of reconnecting with this subtle world we call life!

I like drinking and eating when the products are living, nourishing, and offer you flavours!
With each forkful, each mouthful, I travel and experience an authentic story.

These artists of the earth have managed to fashion a precious nectar where the vine has been able to come to life and flourish in its own terroir; a unique, natural place free from pesticides and wine-making artifices.

Today, with Subtil, it is with happiness and conviction that I can share with anyone who wants me to my love of Nature and the products of the terroir.

This imperative can only take root in one grounding principle: Respect for our customers and ourselves.

Thanks to György Gábor Kovács for caricatures.
I am happy to have found meaning in my craft again and to give back a name and an image to what in bygone days was the greatness of the Appellations d’Origine!! Rémy Grenet

I am,
Alexandre Cordier

I met Rémy Grenet 15 years ago, and we’ve since become friends.

I’ve travelled in several countries of Europe working as a wine waiter.

I can remember a time when it was hard for me to distinguish between our wine-growing regions. No longer able to name a grape variety in blind tastings, they couldn’t be distinguished, resembling each other in their tired aromas and expressions.

I was worried, until the day I discovered a wine produced according to the methods of biodynamic agriculture.

An obligation to go back to basics and understand true taste in all its simplicity. I set about broadening my thinking about wines and the wine-growers who respect and work in harmony with Nature.

Many times, I had some very pleasant moments experiencing these biodynamic wines.

Since then, I’m convinced that by respecting Mother Nature, everything becomes easier and more authentic.

Frank wines full of character that combine elegance, finesse, roundness… in the image of the people and their wines that they have raised like their own children.

Wines of such quality may only be understood in the subtlety of the present moment.

Thanks to György Gábor Kovács for caricatures.
In my 15-year career, I have realized how rich our terroirs are and how import the environment in the taste of the wine. Alexandre Cordier