Who are we?

People who love Nature and Life!
And are also passionate about gastronomy where culinary products are vibrant and exude peasant traditions.

Subtilis a service offered by the company SUBTIL which has been offering authentic, Nature-friendly products for over 15 years.

We specialize solely in seeking out and marketing wines coming from biodynamic agriculture.

Subtil keen to give meaning and bring renown to these artists of the earth, who through their unique know-how and their quality work bring the terroirs and the real taste of the wines back to life. The earth is a heritage that we absolutely must preserve. This is why we must offer people the chance to be able to taste these exceptional wines that delight the taste-buds and the senses.

These nectars have grown up through magical agriculture, in synergy with the cycles of Nature, and where all synthetic chemicals are prohibited. These wine-growers, guardians of Nature, work hard and honestly — we must support them!

“Biodynamics significantly improves the taste of wines. You will be struck by their vibrancy and finesse, combined with purity, which are bound to charm you.” Rémy & Alexandre

The wines from our vineyards

Set off to discover our wine-growing estates, dedicated to sharing and passing on the desire to produce living wines, to preserve the human health and that of our planet.
Discover them!

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