Who are we?

People who love Life!
And are also passionate about gastronomy where culinary products are vibrant and exude peasant traditions.

Subtil specializes in the research and distribution of rare wines. The selection of our vineyards is rigorous, so that our customers can share a unique moment!

Subtil is also committed to giving a meaning and an image to these artists of the earth. Their unique know-how and their quality work bring the terroirs and the real taste of the wines. The earth is a heritage that we absolutely must preserve. Nowadays, it is still a chance to be able to taste these exceptional wines that delight the taste-buds and the senses.

These nectars have grown up through biodynamic agriculture, in synergy with people and the cycles of nature. Any synthetic chemicals are prohibited.

«To these wine-growers, these guardians of the land»

Rémy Grenet

“Biodynamics significantly improves the taste of wines.Their vibrancy, their finesse and their purity touch you right to the heart.”